When it comes to securing your website there are two apps that most of us use. The one I am linking to here is Fail2ban. It prevents malicious and brute force attacks on your server and website.

This tutorial is excellent and does for you most of what you need for protection on a small website.

Fail2ban Install

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I have put up an Akkoma website, switching the site from Pleroma to Akkoma. I felt it imperative due to my engaging in this website to put up an instance so that should anyone want to see the software in action it is available to you to become a member and try it out.

Of course, if you’re putting up your instance then you will be the administrator and there is much involved in doing so. Once installed with members you are responsible for seeing to it that your website is working 24/7/365. This means a couple of things. The first is having hosting support to give you a hand unless you are a tech wizard. I am not so I chose for my instance. Their support is wonderful and I have been with them going on a year now. No, I get nothing for recommending them nor would I take anything for recommending them. I have tried so many hosts that when I found Webdock it was refreshing to submit a ticket and get accurate and interested responses.

I also have put up another software called “Calckey.” It is different than Akkoma, Pleroma, or Mastodon though most similar to Mastodon. It is here, should you want to check it out. Registrations for new members are open on both. Follow the Links and Enjoy.

Addendum – These websites won’t look like much before you sign up. No pictures or fancy shenanigans telling you how great the website is. Just a place for you to enter your details and join. Members are where the magic happens. As it should be.

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No, it isn’t a place to park a boat. It is my VPS hosting service and it is a lot cheaper than what you may be using. 2 GB for just over three dollars. IP 4 is free and support is great. I don’t recommend anything unless I have used it and found it to be right.

I have used Webdock now for almost a year. Indeed, getting to the point of writing about what I do is, in part, due to them. I have moved faster in website building than ever before as they are down to earth and helpful when problems arise. Of course, this is my personal experience and yours may be different but that is just the same as life itself.

Webdock-Follow the link and tell them where you found out about them. No, I get nothing except, perhaps, to tell you of a good experience webbing.

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Two Examples

Over the past few days I have put up three websites with different instances on each. One Akkoma, one Pleroma, and, now, one Soapbox. The reason I spent this time and money was to allow you to see each and know which software is used. I will create a page with much more information about each but until I get time to do that I will link in this post to each website by the name of the software. Follows:

You may join any or all, should you care to. We can discuss problems and solutions or just shoot the breeze. Just be sure to keep it clean so we can all get along.

If you find one or another requires approval just enter capital AD. That way I will know you’re coming from this site and you will be instantly approved for membership.

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dot cloud

As I stated in an article yesterday, I was going to, and have, put up an Akkoma Social platform. The reason I wanted to get this done was so that there would be a central meeting place to speak of both software, FOSS and the Fediverse. A rather, “All Inclusive” place for those who know and those who are learning. I understand that this is not an original idea but it is new to me.

A new domain and a new start. That’s what is great about FOSS. If you do the work you get excellent results . . . FREE of charge.

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Akkoma in Action

I have put up an Akkoma instance now using my instructions here. Should you want to see what Akkoma looks and feels like, go here. Yes, it is open for registration.

As I go I have decided to facilitate your understanding of how Akkoma works bu installing another instance with which you can join, discuss software or talk about guitar picking if that is your, like mine, bailiwick. It will bear the “abcro” name with a different suffix or TLD.I will have it up this afternoon, 5/22/23 but there is much to do as just putting a website up is merely the beginning.

Transactional email is what all websites that have members need. I have been exploring several the last few days and that gives me something else to put here as secure email is tantamount to privacy for both yourself and your members. I will have a page or so to speak of what I have learned but bear in mind that none of this is a walk in the park. You have to focus and I know you do.

I will also recommend a hosting company which you may not yet have heard of. I have tried most of them with various amounts of satisfaction, until this one. It is down the line a day or two so keep keyboinking and learning how to FOSS!

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You will find on these pages tutorials to FOSS software. Our aim here is to keep them updated and current. We start with Akkoma which is a social platform of exceptional usability and options plus performance.

The website will not be a static site but will always be up to date and your suggestions are welcomed.

Now, it will just take some time to get ourselves up to speed.

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